Remember when drama was just an elective you could take in high school?  Now, it’s become oh so much more.

I miss the days when drama just meant Shakespeare, or Terms of Endearment.  Now, it’s everywhere.  It’s intrusive!  Stop the drama!

Whew.  That statement might stir up some drama.  “How could she say that?”  “Oh please, she’s the biggest drama queen around.”  “What should I have for dinner?”  Ok, maybe not the last one, but you know what I mean.  Interpersonal drama.

Next time someone tells me they have too much drama in their life, I may create more of it and collapse to the ground, requiring handsome paramedics to arrive and comfort me.  Medical drama.   

But then, I would have to incur a huge ambulance bill; we wouldn’t be able to pay it, and would go into debt.  Finanicial drama.  Dan would get mad, might give me the cold shoulder.  Relationship drama.

Then of course I would have to vent to my friends that Dan was being unreasonable.  They would get sick of hearing me complain and shut me off.  More Interpersonal drama.

So I would call my parents and spout off to them about Dan.  They don’t want to hear it either because they have their own stuff to worry about and I’m a 40 year old woman, figure it out for yourself!  Family drama.

My work may decide that since I collapsed to the floor I’m not fit to work for them and fire me.  Work drama.

When I get home the cat may throw up and start to get sick.  He may need me to hand feed him.  Cat drama.

The Keurig is running slow, but we can’t afford to replace it because I collapsed to the ground about someone else’s drama, lost my job, and we’re in ambulance debt.  Coffee drama.

The Internet may flake out when I’m trying to send out resumes.  Printer drama.  This company only accepts snail mail resumes.  OUCH!  Papercut drama.

Maybe a little bit of overkill here, but I think you see what I’m getting at.  Drama can produced any where by any one.  The best way not to let it get to you, is don’t feed it.  Like anything else, it will be starved for attention, and then die.  Life can go on at a semi-normal pace then. 

I’ve had it with the drama of drama.